…and UKIPs Tim Aker hits back with "Parachuted Polly" jibe

UKIP MEP, Tim Aker, who is also running for council in the ward of Aveley and Uplands has hit back at criticism from Labour over his election literature.

Polly Billington criticised a comment on his leaflets that asks for the 370 bus to stop in Aveley and so give shoppers the option of travelling to Upminster.

UKIP wrote: "Many do not feel safe going into Grays to do their shopping."

Tim Aker MEP said: “It is typical of Labour to parachute in a candidate, who applied for a seat near Newcastle before treating Thurrock as her back-up option, to start lecturing local people about what is best for the community.

“I was born in Thurrock. I live in Thurrock. My office is in Grays, where I live. I spend money in local businesses virtually every day and speak to business people here. I’m here to serve Thurrock as a whole, whilst Labour seem to want to scaremonger and divide those living in Aveley against those living and working in Grays. Not on my watch.

“I have grown up in this community and know that whilst the likes of Polly Billington can afford to do as they please, local elderly residents in particular need affordable options to remain active in their later years, which a new bus route would provide. It is sad that Labour oppose a new bus route for Aveley.

"This is about quality of life. It is something I speak to local residents about on a daily basis and which I am passionate about. I make absolutely no apologies for it.

“Thurrock doesn’t need a candidate from London coming in and lecturing those of us who grew up in the area about what’s best for residents."

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