Labour canvassers attacked by thugs in Corringham

MINDLESS thugs attacked Labour canvassers in Corringham shopping centre on Saturday lunchtime.

South Basildon and East Thurrock candidate for next years General Election, Mike-le-Surf was joined by several campaigners in a Save the NHS stall on St John’s way.

But their afternoon was thrown into chaos when a group of males, in their thirties, marauded through the group, up-ending tables, scattering paraphenalia.

More worryingly, they intimidated a number of campaigners as they shouted and swore at them.

Mike Le-Surf: "If these thugs think they can come and intimidate us, then they have another think coming.

"We are committed to campaigning for a better way of life. If that doesn’t suit the fascists, the thug and the bully, then tough".

Mr Le-Surf told YT "The individuals referred to themselves as UKIP" however, at this time, there was no supporting evidence that they were members of UKIP.

Labour put their stall back together again and continued campaigning.

Essex Police has been contacted.

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