The mystery of the 12 unrecorded crimes in Essex

EARLIER this week, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) published a report that was highly critical of the number of reported crimes that go unrecorded by the police.

As part of their exhaustive inquiry, they "dip-sampled" reported crimes across the country.

In Essex, they pulled from the files, 132 reported crimes. They found that 121 had been recorded and therefore, 11 had not been recorded.

Compared to other forces, this was quite good. But then, we thought, that may depend on what the unrecorded crimes were.

To not record a crime is a bad thing and not a good thing. However, what is worse; Fifty unrecorded bike thefts or five murders? An extreme example but you get our drift.

So, having had a press release from Essex Police and Crime Commissioner on how pleased he was that "Essex was the sixth highest in England and Wales for recording crimes accurately".

So, we thought we would ask Mr Alston whether he could give us details (within reason, Data Protection etc) of the eleven crimes that went unrecorded.

Mr Alston’s office told us that this was "an operational matter" and so referred us to the Essex Police Press Office.

We then spoke to Essex Police Press Office. They had also issued a press release where DCC Derek Benson had also warmly welcomed the report. We asked them about the eleven unrecorded crimes.

They told us that they were too busy to answer our question.

So, it looks like we may have to go down the FOI route.

At this point, we don’t know, the public don’t know and we suspect that the police bosses don’t know the nature of the eleven unrecorded crimes.

To be continued.

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