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Blog: Mr Perrin asks: "Let us be positive in 2015"

Mr Perrin’s blog; “A Word in Your Ear”!

As 2014 passes into history I, from a purely personal point of view, look forward to what awaits in 2015.

A highlight to come will be the departure of the wily cllr Kiely from the Council Chamber. Cllr Kiely ,on his rare appearances, was adept at grand-standing performances, ranting about the “disgraceful” Tories. However, it would be better if he reflected upon the opprobrium of his conduct over the past four years as an absentee councillor whilst pocketing thousands of pounds of tax payers’ money. Goodbye and good-riddance!

I would like to see Ms Polly Billington and Mr Mike Le-Surf dispensing carbolic soap

as a mouth-wash for Labour Party members/supporters, such as Scott Nelson @TheMockneyRebel, who tweet their foul- mouthed twaddle and then have the audacity to complain about what they perceive to be “colourful” language used by UKIP members/supporters.

Whilst I accept that “ch*nky” may be offensive to some and could be perceived as racist, depending upon the context in which the word is used, I consider it to be far more offensive and insulting to refer to people as “c**ts, s**ts, a****holes, etc. and to members/supporters of UKIP as fascists, brown shirts and Nazis. It says more about the character of the user and the limitations of their use of language. Ms Billington and Mr Le-Surf, if you are disinclined to condemn the use of such language, am I not fully justified in presuming you condone it?

"I have great expectations regarding the contribution Mr Tim Aker [UKIP] will make to Council meetings. The first 2015 meeting of “full” Council is scheduled for Wednesday 28th January. His appearances will give an opportunity to judge him as a future member of parliament i.e. Thurrock’s MP.

It is pleasing to note that Mr Le-Surf, in a recent interview with the Editor of “Your Thurrock” acknowledges that uncontrolled immigration from Europe is a major issue meriting serious consideration by both local and central government. Mr Le-Surf and his Labour Party colleagues would do well to recall that it is due to the stance of UKIP members and supporters that the Labour Party has been forced to face up to the problem and instead of hollering “racist” and foul-mouthed insults about UKIP and those who support UKIP’s concerns about uncontrolled immigration.

It behoves all politicians, of all Parties, to work in harmony to solve the problem, hopefully without acrimony. I am aware that immigrants, from EU countries, residing in the UK at the time of Local Government elections, are entitled to vote and will, therefore, probably vote for the party less inclined to introduce measures to control the numbers entering the UK, at the present time that Party is the Labour Party, who shamefully hope to benefit from the immigrant vote at the expense of the indigenous resident of the UK.

It will be interesting to see what impact the issue of uncontrolled immigration from the EU has on the political fortunes of UKIP and the Labour Party, will the voters agree with UKIP and vote for a UK free from government from Brussels or will they be hoodwinked by the Labour Party who prefer not to talk about the issue, to brush it under the carpet, in the hope that it will go away.

On a similar note, I look forward to seeing Cllr John Kent being more robust in standing up for British workers. The Council is a huge provider of jobs directly and indirectly. Cllr Kent has clearly stated his opposition to government schemes such as “workfare” in an excellent speech in the Council Chamber in July, 2014 which can still be viewed on “Your Thurrock” films.

I understand that he cannot dictate to contractors who they employ and what wages they pay but I believe he can declare a preference, to award contracts to Companies who undertake not to employ immigrant workers from EU countries simply on the basis of cost, i.e. low wages, at the expense of a British worker.

In the recent home improvement work done by “Mears” not one of them employed as plumbers, carpenters, or unskilled workers was British, I do not believe this was as a result of a shortage of British workers, on the contrary I believe the employment of EU immigrants was motivated purely on the basis cost.

Cllr Kent the passion of your opposition to “workfare” and the sincerity of your declaration, that Thurrock Council would participate, cannot be questioned or denied, will you, despite the severity of imposed cuts to your budget, endeavour to ensure that British workers in Thurrock are given a fair deal and are not sacrificed on the altar of profit.

2015 has a potential for change, a change of Government, a change of control of Thurrock Council, a change of faces in the Council Chamber. Will the changes be for the better?

A happy and prosperous New Year to you all! Be careful what you wish for and sensible with resolutions.


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