Bring back the clerk of works as UKIP’s Tim Aker concerned at state of housing in Thurrock

THURROCK Councillor and MEP Tim Aker has called for the reintroduction of a clerk of the works to ensure Council maintenance is carried out to a high standard by contractors.

It follows the flooding of Freemantle House in Tilbury which has disabled both elevators and left vulnerable residents stranded on top floors.

Tim Aker MEP said: “I visited Freemantle House this morning to see what was going on. Mass flooding of homes has taken place and both lifts have been disabled.

“We must now be vigilant of mould and damp left behind. Residents must be left in comfortable conditions that are not dangerous.

“I will be taking forward any complaints I receive from residents. I also feel strongly that the old system of employing a clerk of the works by the Council is essential to ensure that maintenance is carried out to a high level to minimise such disruptive and upsetting instances.”​​

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