Bulphan WI: Jan report

THE January meeting of Bulphan WI was buzzing! Not only because we had speaker Steve Beechey (appropriate surname) telling us about the life cycles of Bees but there were also several visitors from our sister WI Orsett along with some other lovely ladies who came along to see what we’re all about.

Steve informed us that contrary to popular belief Bumble Bees have no sting! They hibernate over winter & their decline in numbers is causing great concern. This is a subject which the Women’s Institute have adopted as a national campaign.

Honey Bees have been used for hundreds of years as a source of honey, wax and the expensive royal jelly. They huddle together over winter to keep warm in groups of 8000 or so but once the weather starts to improve they increase their numbers to approximately 40,000 per hive so that they can make the best use of all the nectar and pollen available to produce up to 60lb of honey per season.

Next month’s meeting on Wednesday the 11th of February has Keri Graham giving us an Intro To Burlesque. She will tell us some of the history, show us some steps and invite those who wish to take part! As this is already proving to be a popular meeting please let us know if you’re intending to come along.

If there is enough interest a set of Burlesque classes will take place on a Thursday evening during February & March.

This year’s programme, information, photographs & much more can be found on our web site bulphanwi.weebly.com, on Facebook at Bulphan Women’s Institute & Twitter @bulphanwi or contact Janet McCheyne President 01268 543214.

Jan Curtis Bulphan WI

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