Council address parking issues outside Harris Academy

PARKING issues outside the Harris Academy has been making headlines in recent weeks, but the school is on the regular rota for visits by the council’s civil enforcement officers.

On Wednesday last week (14 January) following a specific comment Mayflower Road was visited by two CEOs.

They enforced the kerbside waiting and loading restrictions and although there were a small number of drivers who tried to park illegally, they swiftly moved on when a CEO approached.

However the officers found compliance in the surrounding streets – especially in Plymouth Road – was not quite so good.

Cllr Phil Smith, the responsible cabinet member, said: “Thurrock doesn’t have a large number of enforcement officers and in this instance we could only deploy two – we’d usually target this area with three or four.

“But what saddens me is that we need to do this at all. Parents – people who have their own children and who should understand the safety issues – are the ones who cause problems around school.

“They park irresponsibly; they park thoughtlessly and all so that their child has 50 yards less to walk, and no doubt they also moan about others’ thoughtless parking too.

“The fact that the simple appearance of two enforcement officers in an area can make the problem disappear proves that it is impatience and selfishness that is the issue. Parents should leave home two minutes earlier and park their vehicle safely – better still, they should consider walking.”

He added: “Unfortunately this issue is not restricted to this academy and many schools across the borough suffer too. We have a limited number of officers and we cannot be everywhere at once, but we will continue visiting schools and either ticketing parents or making them behave responsibly.”

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