Thurrock Ukip’s Tim Aker stands down as policy chief

THURROCK Ukip’s Tim Aker has been replaced as Ukip’s policy chief after failing to complete the party’s overdue manifesto reports The Times.

Many of Mr Aker’s critics had questioned how he could be an MEP, a local councillor for Aveley and Uplands, the prospective parliamentary candidate for Thurrock and the policy chief.

The "sacking" appears to centre on concerns regarding meeting or missing deadlines for policy drafts.

UKIP may now have a race to complete their policy manifesto in time for their spring conference.

UKIP’s deputy chairwoman, Suzanne Evans has stepped into the breach to complete the manifesto.

Tim Aker MEP has issued a statement. Mr Aker said: "Last week I was delighted to hand over a strong policy brief to Suzanne Evans. She will compile the manifesto based on the policies we outlined at the Doncaster conference."​

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