Thousands on offer for groups to help lose pounds

THOUSANDS of pounds worth of funding aimed at improving local people’s weight issues are being offered by Thurrock Council.

The council’s Public Health team is re-commissioning its weight management services for adults and for children and there are opportunities for local community groups to bid for amounts between £500 and £70,000 over two years to help adults and children achieve and maintain healthy weights.

Services will cover two “tiers”, tier 1 targets preventative and universally accessed projects while tier 2 is for those with a Body Mass Index of over 28 (overweight) or with pre-existing medical conditions.

Specifically, the funding breaks down into children’s (two to five) tier 1, £500 to £5,000; larger tier 2 groups up to £40,000; young adults (16 to 19) tier 1 and 2 from £500 to £5,000; adults (tier one) from £500 to £5,000; and adults (tier two) from £25,000 to £70,000.

The council’s Public Health team is keen to enable local community groups and projects to take part and help with the problems that affect so many people.

There is a wide selection of opportunities available and the council expects them to include increased opportunities for physical activity, education around healthy lifestyles and supportive weight management groups.

The new services are specifically designed to be wide ranging so organisations of all sizes and experience can bid for them – everything from get-fit courses to one-off or one-person-led activities; weekly weigh-ins or dietary advice sessions to walking groups and healthy cooking clubs.

The team wants to hear people’s ideas for new ways to help achieve a happier and fitter community.

The closing date for expressions of interest is 30 January – go to to find out what to do, or email

Three drop-in sessions have also been set up in the Civic Offices next week, offering help and advice for those interested in taking part. These are in Committee Room 2 on Monday, 26 January (5pm to 8pm), and Committee Room 4 on both Tuesday 27 (3pm to 6pm) and Wednesday, 28 (9am to noon).

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