Labour’s Polly hits back at Ukip: "Let’s debate everything Tim"

THURROCK Labour’s parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington has responded to Ukip’s Tim Aker’s challenge for a debate on immigration.

Yesterday (Thursday), cllr Aker hand delivered an invitation to a debate at the Thameside Theatre in February.

But in her reply, Ms Billington has thrown open the debate to encapsulate not just the topic of immigration but all other subjects as well.

"I want the people of Thurrock to raise any issue they want.

UKIP cannot and should not put a limit on the subjects up for discussion.

"People will have lots on their mind when deciding who should represent them in Westminster and form the next government.

"If this debate can be chaired by an independent body, I would be more than happy to take part and answer questions on whatever topics people want to raise; from immigration to the NHS, from housing to jobs, from Europe to the cost of living.

"I also suggest that the current MP, Jackie Doyle-Price is invited so that she can be held to account for the failures of her government."

‘Yes immigration is an important issue but we also have much more to discuss, like your plans to charge people to see their GP; scrapping workers’ rights and tax breaks for millionaires while hitting workers with higher taxes."

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