Ukip’s Tim Aker challenges Labour’s Polly Billington to immigration debate at the Tameside

THURROCK councillor and MEP Tim Aker has challenged Labour’s Polly Billington to a public debate on the issue of immigration in Thurrock on 10th February.

In a letter handed into Ms. Billington’s office on Thursday, Tim Aker called the issue of immigration “the number one issue” for those living in Thurrock.

Mr Aker said: "I hope the Labour candidate accepts the challenge but that the meeting will go ahead with an empty-chair if not.

Tim Aker MEP added: “Thurrock needs a public debate on immigration. The other parties have failed to act and the people aren’t being listened to.

“It’s for the people to judge what they want: more uncontrolled EU immigration from Labour, or a controlled Australian-style system from UKIP.”

A room has been booked at the Thameside Theatre in Grays and the debate will be chaired by Ray Andrews, former Conservative Leader of Thurrock Council.

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