The mystery of the Purfleet police car

IT ALL started about eleven days ago.

Residents of Caspian Way in Purfleet noticed a marked police car parked up and unattended.

Some, as you do, wondered if anything had happened.

After a few days it was mainly commuters who were starting to get really curious. When they walked past it, on their way to Purfleet Railway Station, it was there and when they went home, it was still there.

After ten days, a conversation started on social media as to what the car was doing there?

YT asked the Essex Police press office and they did not know. We then asked a senior police officer if he could enlighten us as to why a marked police car was parked up on Caspian Way for close to two weeks. They did not know either, but they pledged they would look into it.

To be continued.

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