Thursday, October 6, 2022

East Tilbury residents express their fears over level crossing

THE picture may say it all. An ambulance, with its blue light on, waiting at the level crossing in East Tilbury.

On this occasion (on Sunday), the ambulance, reportedly, went into East Tilbury via West Tilbury but for many it was another occasion, which highlighted their concerns over the level crossing.

The plans for over 350 homes in the area come with a plan for a footbridge but to many people that may be too late.

And every time the crossing malfunctions, many fear that one day, a tragedy will occur.

For many, Network Rail have a number of questions to answer and we will challenge them on these issues.

On Thursday night (Feb 20th) the level crossing was stuck down for over an hour.

We asked one East Tilbury resident, Nicole Webb Green to recount her experience on Thursday. If there are other residents who would like to share their experiences then please e mail us on

Nicole said: ‘My 15-year-old son was stuck on the Linford side of the barriers. It was pelting down with rain, and he had hardly any battery left on his phone.

"I couldn’t even suggest that I drive to him via the other level crossing as i wouldn’t of been able to get access to East Tilbury station due to the miles of cars sat stationary waiting for the level crossing to raise.

"My son was amongst dozens of people waiting for it to lift. He was there for just over 1 hr.

"He was drenched through by time he got home. I felt hopeless as a parent as I couldn’t get to him, and felt c2c couldn’t do anything but report it.

"I said how anxious I was, considering my son’s age and that his mobile was due to run out of battery.

"They offered to ring me back with an update, but it wouldn’t be immediately. It would be the next day.

"I told them not to bother as I don’t need to know tomorrow. Fortunately, we rarely use the c2c service, but we use the level crossing daily, and it just seems to be getting worse.

"Why haven’t they installed a footbridge across the crossing by now?

"The amount of commuters that must miss their trains because they can’t get across the track.

"It really is scary to think we are trapped in East Tilbury, and God forbid you required emergency services when they get stuck! Something really needs doing!

"The station at East Tilbury is un-manned a lot of the time, with no emergency phone in the station to report the level crossing is stuck in the down position.

"It took me eight mins of holding on the phone to c2c. They had no info on the fault and said trains wasn’t affected.

But pedestrians and vehicles are affected. Being in such a small semi rural area, it does not take long for miles of traffic to accumulate.

"And it’s ok for them to say jump on next train to Stanford le hope, then come back, but we only have two trains an hour and so that could add another 30-60mins to journey because they haven’t got a footbridge. Very frustrating.


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