Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Purfleet primary school told to improve by Ofsted

A RECENT inspection by Ofsted has praised the work of the new headteacher but warned that many other aspects of the school "require improvement".

Ofsted came to the Tank Hill Road school last month and made the following observations.

1.Pupils do not make consistently good enough progress to eliminate past underachievement, particularly in mathematics and writing.

2. Although attainment is rising pupils are not reaching the levels of which they are capable.

3. Teaching is improving but is not yet leading to consistently good learning and good progress over time.

4. Variations between year groups and between classes within the same year groups have not been fully eliminated.

5. Teachers in some classes do not have high enough expectations of the pupils.

6.The work teachers set does not always challenge the pupils’ thinking enough. This includes those with additional needs as well as the more able.

7. In spite of recent changes, teachers across the academy do not provide consistently good guidance in their marking.

However, the report also praises the school.

1. The headteacher has quickly made a difference to the academy and is building the capacity to sustain recent improvements. She has successfully improved teaching, the pupils’ progress and their behaviour and attendance in a short time.

2. Arrangements for governance are very strong and effective. The trust has played a major role in supporting the academy’s recent improvements.

3. The academy is moving rapidly towards the headteacher’s ambition of having sufficient high quality teaching to act as a model for others so it relies less on outside support.

4.Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are greatly improved over the last two terms, following the recent tightening and clarification of rules, responsibilities and consequences. Pupils say that they feel safe in the academy.

5.Provision and achievement in the early years is good and has been more consistently so than in the rest of the school. The children’s learning benefits from teaching that focuses sharply on their particular needs in a warm, supportive but challenging environment.


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