South Essex College Students’ end of year show is a hit

A-Level drama students excelled in their end of year show at South Essex College’s Thurrock Campus’ Auditorium last week.

The two groups of students who study at the Southend Campus had to each produce a 30 minute production based on the stimulus of the seven deadly sins and have been working on the project since October.

The groups created characters, a storyline and the overall design of the production under the guidance of their lecturer Joey Parsad.

Despite basing their productions on the same subject, the two plays were very different with one covering the underworld and how sins are timeless passing through generations. The second was about how sins in extremes can take over your mind leading you into a mental asylum.

Lecturer Joey Parsad said she was extremely proud of the students.

She said: “Each group have worked so hard on their projects and it showed, both were fantastic from start to end.

“I’m very proud of the students, they produced two mature and gripping performances.”

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