Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Football: FA to investigate altercation between Aveley and Harlow managers

THE Football Association (FA) is investigating an alleged altercation between the manager of Harlow Town and Aveley FC.

There was a series of exchanges during the game at the Harlow Arena on Saturday. At one stage, the referee spoke to both managers (Danny Chapman of Harlow and Justin Gardener of Aveley) as things appeared heated.

The Aveley manager was clearly upset about something at the end of the game as he removed his coat and tie before he had reached the tunnel.

YH understands that Chapman and Gardner continued to have words in the corridors and it was there that it was alleged that the chairman of Harlow Town, John Barnett was accidentally hit by Gardener as he was remonstrating.

By Saturday evening, it appeared to be agreed that all were moving on but it now looks like matters have changed.

A spokesperson for Aveley FC said: “We did not instigate the investigation and to date, have not heard from the FA. Naturally, if we do we will co-operate fully.


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