Monday, September 26, 2022

Mill Lane in Horndon has one of the slowest broadband speeds in the UK

A STREET in Horndon has one of the slowest broadband connections in the country, according to research by price comparison from uSwitch.

Mill Lane in Horndon on the Hill, has the seventh slowest connection in the UK with an average speed of 0.928 Mbps.

Ewan Taylor-Gibson, a broadband expert at, said the difference between the fastest and slowest broadband speeds is stark.

He said: "On the UK’s slowest street broadband speeds are so sluggish you could fly to the Bahamas and back again in the time it takes to download a film."

Mr Taylor-Gibson said the most common causes for slow broadband include the user’s distance from the nearest exchange or issues within the properties themselves.

The speed test data collected by uSwitch was based on more than one million speed tests run by broadband users over six months.

"Wireless connections can be affected by the thickness of walls, for example, but your broadband provider can usually offer a solution if that’s the case," he added.

"Superfast broadband is now available to more than three quarters of the UK, but nearly a third don’t realise they can get it.

"We looked at which of the 30 slowest streets had superfast availability and, interestingly, 37 per cent of them do, but residents have obviously chosen not to take up superfast services."

Williamson Road in Kent was named as having the slowest broadband connection in the country with 0.535 Mbps, while Sandy Lane in Staffordshire was the fastest with 72.86 Mbps.


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