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Get ready for the new Care Act says leading councillor

THURROCK’S adult social care portfolio holder, Cllr Barbara Rice, has assured fellow cabinet members of the council’s readiness for the Care Act – but warned of the risks associated with its implementation.

At Wednesday (11 March) evening’s meeting, adult social care and health portfolio holder Cllr Rice, highlighted the council’s accomplishments over the last year ensuring that key components of the Act were firmly in place for next month, but stressed that there was still challenges ahead.

The Care Act 2014, regarded as the greatest legislative change to Adult Social Care in more than 60 years is due to come into effect this April.

Cllr Rice welcomed the new duties placed on the council as they seek to give people greater choice and control over their care and support decisions, and, with its emphasis on preventing, reducing or delaying the need for care and support services it seen as a positive step.

However she repeated the warning of Council Leader, Cllr John Kent and spoke of the risk faced by families and the council with the introduction of the care cap at £72,000.

She said: “A cap on care costs is just that. The government has said it will limit the amount anyone has to pay for care to £72,000 during their lifetime.

“But it does not include a person’s ‘hotel costs’ – the cost of bed and board, if they are living in a care home. These would still be charged separately even after reaching the cap.

“So the question is: who pays at this point? – as a council we are facing ever increasing demands on our budgets. It is clear that we have some difficult times ahead.”


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