Thursday, September 29, 2022

Fire crews rescue Jake the Jack Russell from Chafford clifftop!

Update 12:35hrs: The Service’s Urban Search and Rescue Team has rescued Jake and he is now safely back on solid ground.

ADO Harris said: "The team used lines to lower themselves down the cliff to the ledge Jake was on. They had a basket to put Jake in and bring him back up. At first Jake was scared and backed away from them but they had taken some food with them and they used that to coax him over and get him in the box.

"Jake is now with the RSPCA and is on his way to get checked out by a vet. He had been there for a few days and was very hungry but didn’t appear to be too worse for wear following his ordeal."

Incident: 1200 hrs

Firefighters are working to rescue a Jack Russell dog which is stuck on a cliff face.

Assistant Divisional Officer John Harris, incident commander, said: "The dog, which is called Jake, is trapped on a small ledge about 10 metres from the top of the cliff near Frobisher Gardens in Chafford Hundred.. It’s a sheer drop of about 50 metres so he is in a bit of a predicament.

"We have called in a line rescue team who will come and use rope rescue techniques to get Jake off the ledge and back on solid ground.

"Neighbours have told us that he’s been on there for a couple of days at least because they’ve heard him barking and yelping. We hope to have him safely back in the arms of his owner very soon."


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