Saturday, October 1, 2022

Election 2015: First weekend of campaigning in Thurrock as battle begins

THE FIRST weekend proper of the General Election campaign so all the three main parties out campaigning in the borough.

Big spending Tory MP, Jackie Doyle-Price showed that she has a large treasure chest to back her campaign to defend her 92 vote majority as she boarded her battle bus in Thurrock to tour the borough.

According to reports, the bus passed by the UKIP supporters in Grays and pleasantries such as "All the best" and "May the best candidate win" were exchanged.

The massed ranks of UKIP, led by their candidate. Tim Aker, met outside their offices in Grays before heading out across the constituency.

Labour were also out and about as they fight, what can only be described as a "ground war" that proved successful in the West Thurrock By-Election late last year.

Canddiate, Polly Billington manned the phones as she has a leg fracture but she hopes to be out and about next week.


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