Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Top Tory councillor calls for more scrutiny into council bosses salaries

SENIOR manager appointments will be scrutinised even further in the future at Thurrock Council, after a Conservative request to lower the "authorisation to hire" limit from £100000 to £65000 was proposed and approved.

Cllr Shane Hebb, Conservative lead for Corporate Services, made the request when officers presented a report on the council wage bill at March’s Full Council meeting.

"It is important that all roles perceived as "senior" roles – not just top-paid roles of £100K or more – are scrutinised in full before officers are permitted to recruit", notes Cllr Shane Hebb. "We have a management structure where "senior" roles are paid anything from 65K to 185K, and so – as gatekeepers of our taxpayers funds – we should be satisfied there is a need to appoint someone into a role for a senior vacancy in the organisation, and sign it off as a council before recruitment even begins".

Conservatives in Thurrock have led on senior pay reform at Thurrock Council, arguing that no officer in Thurrock should earn more than the Prime Minister.

"Our obligation to our residents is that we spend money carefully and in the best ways", says Cllr Hebb. "Sometimes it feels like we have plenty of reason to quickly recruit people into wonderfully-titled managerial roles, but don’t always have the same urgency for "shop floor" roles.

Cllr Shane Hebb concludes: "The Conservative Group priority is helping lower-paid professionals aspire into a brighter future. We support the national Conservative position of the tax allowance going up to £12500, and we have no shame in making sure high-paying roles are fully scrutinised if not in the interests of all Thurrock taxpayers".


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