Saturday, October 1, 2022

Election Diary: Day One…Reg Varney, Theresa May and Polly’s foot


We do like a diary here at Your Thurrock towers. So, to amuse ourselves, we thought we keep a diary on the days events from now until May 7th.

Please take it in the spirit it is intended. Hats off to anyone that

Election Diary: Day One

The clock struck midnight and parliament was dissolved. That meant that Jackie Doyle Price was technically no longer MP.

But in the spirit of Reg Varney, Jackie took up the general election challenge and got back on the battle bus that had made its presence felt over the weekend.

Tories, Labour and Ukip were still squabbling over who is alleged to have said what via a loud speaker.

According to report, Grays council candidate, Jack Barnes is alleged to have said that "Tim Aker will never be as good a politician as Bonar Law." (Just a joke Jack. To let you know, Bonar Law used to play for Man Utd).

This time, Jackie was joined by fellow jobseeker, Theresa May. To switch back to serious, organisations such as Sericc have always been impressed with the cut of Ms May’s jib. Next Tory leader?


We had a press release from Ella Vine….

We had one from Shane Hebb.

It was all about swings and roundabouts. No..really.


Tim Aker was on BBC London at 6.30pm. Tim Aker was fighting his corner and name checking housing, green belt and mould.

We quite liked his suit.

He mentioned Thurrock a lot. To the other candidates, he may as well be talking about Gourock or Greenock or Bonar Law…….


Polly fractured her foot in two places. According to Ukip it will have been Hampstead and Islngton (Cos she’s not from round here you know……)

Polly was snapped (probably by Lola..L O L A..Lola…etc etc) as she entered Basildon Hospital she would of gone to the relevant place in Grays but there isn’t a hop in centre.

It didn’t stop Polly’s machine from issuing quite a few press releases. The one on private renting scored highly with our readership.


On Twitter, there was witterings from Mockney Rebel on everything; Jo Ballard asked JDP about the fire service and Barbara Rice hosted a quiz night. We do hope there wasn’t a question on the NHS….


We heard from little Jimmy Halden. For a month, we have been trying to elicit a response from the deputy tory leader on Harris Academy but nothing doing. Maybe he was warned that he would be on the carpet if he did that (think about it Jimmy).


The Lib Dems have yet to announce a candidate



Fact of the Day: Reg Varney was the first person in the UK to use an ATM.


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