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Blogspot: Another brick in the wall for Albania

Blogpost: Charlotte’s Blog

"DURING October half term in 2014 my Mum and Dad, John and Emma Dell, my sisters Rhiannon and Chloe, my brother Rhys, also our friends Gary and Jo Jones and their children Samuel and Rebecca travelled to Kosovo to work with Victory Church, Gjakova.

The aim of our trip was to help some of the people of Kosovo who are in poverty and to provide them with essentials such as food parcels and clothes. We took thirty suitcases between the ten of us, only five of them were full of our own belongings, the rest were full of clothes for all ages, blankets and some toys. Instead of one suitcase we had two Zimmer frames and three sets of crutches strapped together.

But what stands out for me was when we visited five families who lived in Bajram Curri, in northern Albania. These families each lived in a single room dwelling, with about seven family members living in this 16ft by 5ft space. Talking to these people really moved me. They have leaks in their roofs and their houses were not water tight.

When asked what they would like we were told they wanted to build an additional room the same size on their house.

This really humbled me. So now I’m on ‘a mission’ and I need your help! I’m selling bricks for a pound to try and raise money to build each of the families an additional room. The target is £1250 for bricks

We have raised over £800 so far and are holding an event called “Another Brick in the Wall” on the 18th of April at All Saints in John Street. Grays. We have a local band called NoMansBand playing, ticket are only £3 each.

Come and help raise the final amount to build these rooms. for tickets and info contact 01375 641867 or


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