Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Network Rail: People are still risking their lives at Grays level crossing

PEOPLE are continuing to risk their lives at Grays level crossing in Essex by jumping the barriers or walking on the tracks, Network Rail has said.

In one of the most dangerous incidents, two people were caught on CCTV risking their lives by jumping the closed gates, which indicate that a train is approaching.

More than 150 passenger and freight trains travel through Grays every day and the number of incidents has remained constant with 45 recorded in February and 38 in March.

People have been seen jumping off the platform, walking along the tracks to the crossing to exit the station or entering the station through the crossing and then coming on to the platform. Others have damaged the barrier railings making them wide enough for a young child to squeeze through.

Steve Cassidy, Network Rail area director, said: “People are still putting their lives in danger and we are very worried that someone might seriously hurt themselves.

“Over the next few weeks, we will do everything we can to reduce the number of incidents by continuing to work with the council and the police. Ignoring safety measures at a crossing can result in tragic consequences and this is something we want to prevent."

No decisions about the potential closure of the crossing have been made. Network Rail will continue to regularly monitor the current situation in the coming weeks and work with the council before any decision is reached.

Thurrock Council Director of Planning and transportation David Bull said: "Thurrock Council is aware of the dangers to people misusing the rail crossing in Grays and wants to work with Network Rail to find ways of reducing or eliminating this misuse – without closing the crossing – this must be a last resort.

"The council will join Network Rail at Wednesday’s event and calls on everybody who uses the crossing not to risk losing it and to work with the council, Network Rail, and c2c as well as other authorities to stop the very small minority of people from ruining things for everyone else.

"The message is a simple one: Don’t risk your life and don’t risk our crossing."

Inspector Mark Hook said: “Deliberate misuse of crossings is extremely dangerous. Every time someone walks on the tracks when the barriers are down, they are risking their life and the lives of other rail users.

“BTP officers will continue to carry out patrols in the area and take action against anyone found committing offences at the location.”

Network Rail is holding a second awareness day at Grays level crossing on Wednesday April 1 between 7.30am and 1230pm.

Posters will be displayed at c2c stations, key locations in Grays town centre and more than 2,000 letters have been sent out to residents to explain the issues at the crossing.

Network Rail has security at the crossing and has placed additional signs warning of the dangers.


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