Monday, February 26, 2024

Hollywood stuntman drops in on South Essex College

HOLLYWOOD stuntman Matthew Stirling dropped in to Thurrock Campus’ auditorium for a fast and furious Q&A session with Performing and Production Arts students.

The daredevil shared his wealth of experience of working on famous titles including Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Fast and Furious series and gave students tips on how to get into the industry.

Matthew also showed off his talents as a magician and wowed the audience with a few impromptu card and mind reading tricks.

Matthew said he was delighted to speak to the students.

He said: “The students were fantastic and really keen to ask questions. They were all very enthusiastic, which is vital to get into this competitive industry. It’s a great job to have, you get to travel the world and meet lots of famous people and I always love to share my experiences with others.”

One student who attended the talk, Harry Carnaby, 16, said it was fantastic.

He said: “It was fascinating to listen to Matthew. He really gave us all a great insight into the industry which was brilliant, it’s always good to get real life experiences from real people who work in the field we are studying in to inspire us.”

Matthew’s personal career highlights include working as a stuntman doubling for The Rock in Fast and Furious and his roles in several Harry Potter films. Matthew’s popularity took a bit of a hit when the students learnt he played the Death Eater which killed Harry Potter’s Owl, Hedwig.


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