Thursday, October 6, 2022

UKIP take lead in Thurrock in latest "poll".

THE LATEST YouGov "poll" has UKIP surging into a six point lead.

The "poll" published on Good Friday has Tim Aker’s Ukip on 44 per cent, Polly Billington’s Labour in second on 38.2 per cent and Jackie Doyle-Price’s Conservatives back in third on 34.2 per cent.

However, it is difficult to actually gauge how many Thurrock voters have actually been surveyed, polled or even spoke to.

The YouGov site has over 600 members registered to the Thurrock site and their polling methodology seems to be based on questions sent to a national database.

You Gov do publish the following caveat on their website.

"This is not a ‘constituency poll’ or a ‘forecast’. It is a nowcast, modelled on detailed demographics and voting intention from over 150,000 interviews nationwide. It will be regularly updated before election day"

However, there is no doubt that Ukip will be buoyed by the latest returns.

More reaction to follow.


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