Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Election Diary: Day Nine: An election of two halvesl

THERE were 543 fans at the Bank Holiday match between East Thurrock United and Grays Athletic. Among the faithful was those well known aficionados of the beautiful game, Polly Billington and Tim Aker.

Now the cynics among you (yes you at the back) may think that this was political opportunism but intact it was all a lot more innocent than that.

Tim was invited by Grays fans. A number of fans were irked by Jackie Doyle Price’s tweet when she was at Lakeside Hammers and referred to the speedway team as Thurrock’s only "Elite sport" We know what she meant but….once again…

Polly on the other hand, was at the campaign launch for South Basildon and East Thurrock candidate, Mike Le-Surf, which was held in the club hall.

Funnily enough, the Grays Ath fans included a chant about Eric Pickles and another referring to the "Elite" remark.

Grays Ath won 2-0 by the way.


Mike Le Surf launched his campaign (see above). Mike seemed in relaxed, confident and determined mood. Former MP, Baroness Smith of Basildon said it was all too close to call.

Infact, the defending MP, Stephen Metcalfe also seems relaxed, in what is, so far, also a low key campaign. Low key, meaning, no bus.

We look forward to catching up with Mr Metcalfe on Friday.


We found the Lib-Dem candidate. After a two year search, we have discovered that Rhodri Jamieson-Ball.

We have spoken to him briefly and hope to catch up for an interview.

He stood at Islington North in 2010 and polled over 11,000 votes. He may get less this time, we reckon.


UKIP were pleased to announce that the former leader of the Thurrock Conservatives and former mayor, Anne Cheale is backing UKIP.

As we have reported over the past seven years, that may say more about the state of the Thurrock Conservatives and their ability to alienate colleagues.


No, we had never heard of a party called CISTA until this morning……TBC


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