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Ward by Ward: Grays Thurrock

Grays Thurrock

LABOUR won this ward by 139 votes in May 2014. They fought off UKIP who polled 806 and the Conservatives who also impressed with 416 votes.

We believe that UKIP will have peaked in this ward as well and so may not get close to the 35% they polled here in 2014.

Labour have always nurtured this ward and have benefitted from a trio of Labour councillors who seem to complement each other. Cathy Kent is defending her seat and she is always aided by fellow ward members, Yash Gupta, now has always polled very highly and Mike Stone who is the epitome of the solid local community leader, who role is invaluable.

Cathy Kent won by 619 votes in 2011.

Some believe that if UKIP want to win the constituency then they need to polling more than 35% in wards such as this and indeed need to be winning seats like this.

Perhaps this is why, Tim Aker’s right hand man is standing in what is now only a three way fight. How much time, Mr Heaver has to dedicate is a moot point but if he can or if he has been going door to door, then that might be a factor.

Don’t forget, UKIP did not set the world on fire in the two by-elections with 35% in West Thurrock and South Stifford and 40% in Aveley.

The Tory candidate worked very hard last year and did well to get over 400 votes (23%). There is a different candidate this time.

In conclusion. This seat is much more of a battleground than people realise but can UKIP get their vote out.

YT prediction: Lab hold

Grays Thurrock

CARTER Adam, Conservative


KENT Catherine Angela, Labour


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