Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Comeback Queen: Jackie Doyle Price defends her seat in Thurrock

0440 hrs

JACKIE Doyle-Price has successfully defended her seat in Thurrock.


Jackie Doyle-Price (Cons): 16,692

Polly Billington (Lab): 16,156

Tim Aker (UKIP): 15,178

Jamie Barnes:(CISTA): 244

Rhodie Jamieson-Bell: (Lib Dem): 644

Daniel Manyambu (Ind): 79

Abi Kristololu: APP: 31

Maj of 536

0345 hrs

Recount at Thurrock, requested (we understand by the Conservatives).

0300 hrs

We are expecting a result around 3.15am. Unless of course there is a recount…

0200 hrs

Voting. We understand that voter turnout is 64% in Thurrock.

FYI. Jackie Doyle Price and Tim Aker have been here for a while and Polly Billington has just arrived.


Too tight to call in Thurrock say some in Thurrock. Whilst BBC are suggesting a Labour gain.

2255 hrs

Difficult to gauge mood of each party as their activists enter the count. A lot of scurrying around.

A lot of media here from Sky, ITV, BBC, lots of freelancers and the locals.

2200 hrs

Polls are closed and the ballot boxes are heading across to the count at the High House Production Park for Thurrock and Sporting Village in Basildon.

1945 hrs

We are hearing of brisk voting in areas such as Stifford Clays where some of the boxes are full.

Queues in Chafford Hundred we hear as well.

1930 hrs

We have arrived at the High House Production Park in Purfleet. The nation’s media outlets are arriving even though the poll will not be closing for another two and a half hours.

1900 hrs

Hello and welcome to our 2015 General Election coverage.

As you may know, our coverage between now and 2200 hrs is restricted to a narrative of Thurrock voters going to the polls to vote in the General Election for the constituences of Thurrock as well as South Basildon and East Thurrock. There is also the battle for the sixteen wards in the local district elections.

So, here we go.


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