Monday, September 26, 2022

Lavender colours Bulphan in Bloom

WE dropped in on Bulphan in Bloom to see how work was getting on.

A spokesperson said:

"BULPHAN in Bloom sought community approval for this project when we started the first Lavender bed a few years ago by asking at an AGM open meeting which areas residents would like to see transformed. Many felt that these beds, having been abandoned by the local Council, were in need of replanting. We subsequently took advice from a Biodiversity expert who suggested Lavender. One of our members visited a Royal garden and saw an array of lavender beds with a cherry tree in the centre which looked spectacular. After this we replanted the first bed.

Later, upon being put forward by Anglia in Bloom to Britain in Bloom, our Judges suggested that as our first Lavender bed had been a success that we plant the remaining beds to match.

The first bed is providing a great habitat for wildlife and nectar for bees. In the summer the Bees are prevalent.

We could not have conceived of completing this project with our current funds, without the grant obtained by Sherry Ridler, from Veolia North Thames Trust. They have given the group £1456.00 toward this project, with Bulphan in Bloom contributing £500.00.

On Sunday the 19th March a large team of approx. 15 residents came out to re shape the bed and rotovate it. It needed digging by hand first unfortunately – so it was very hard work for all involved. It took 4 hours to complete.

On Sunday the 19th April we were out again in force to plant the Lavender. The Garden centre delivered the plants and lime on the morning and stayed to help. The plants were spaced correctly and planted by all volunteers, with the work being completed in 4 hours.


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