Friday, October 7, 2022

Whatever happened to the Grays Town Centre Regeneration Team?

JUST OVER a year ago, and to much fanfare, the Grays Town Centre partnership was launched.

The organisation was an amalgam between local businesses, Thurrock Council, South Essex College and a number of other individuals, committed to regenerating Grays.

Mark Blanks, manager of Boots and newly appointed chairman of the partnership, said at the time: “We want to brighten up the town and do things that make the place a little bit more attractive.

“Grays has lots of potential both to fulfill and unlock.

The committee planned to work alongside Thurrock Council, with ambitious regeneration projects, but also planned to look at making more changes such as hanging baskets, providing more seating or putting on events.

And now…..tumbleweed. And just not the metaphorical type but a tsunami of filth, litter and detritus has been reported by residents, day in and day out.

It took a week for Thurrock Council to change its tack from a "We didn’t drop it" to "We will clean it up"

So, whatever happened to the Grays Town Centre Team?

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: "The group decided they would take over the organisation and running of the partnership (with our support).

"They appointed a chair and vice chair who spent the first few months after the meeting liaising with others in the partnership and approaching other businesses in the town.

"Unfortunately both the chair and vice chair no longer work in Grays and so there have been no further meetings.

"We are currently approaching some of the other members with a view to re-establishing the group".


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