Tuesday, September 27, 2022

MP Stephen Metcalfe welcomes new employment statistics

AS Stephen Metcalfe, the newly re-elected MP for South Basildon and East Thurock returned to Parliament this week, he has welcomed the latest figures which show that there are now 1,620 fewer people in the constituency claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance and Universal Credit compared to 2010. This represents a 59 per cent drop.

Stephen Metcalfe commented: "As I return to Parliament this week to represent the people of South Basildon and East Thurrock, I am so pleased to hear of the continued good news that the efforts of the Conservative Government to get this country back to work is truly paying off for local people."

"Across the United Kingdom, there are now 2.05 million more people in work than at the end of thirteen years of a Labour Government. And that is why the British people last week, decided to give us an increased majority here in Parliament – because they know, that when it comes to the economic security of hard-working families, it is only the Conservative Party who can be trusted to deliver".

"Over the last year, 80 per cent of all jobs created have been full-time – and only around one in 50 people in work currently are on zero-hour contracts! Even in defeat, Labour will try to play down the economic successes of the British people, and we must not let them get away with it."


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