Thursday, May 30, 2024

2,000 foreign vehicles evade Dartford Crossing charge every day

ALMOST a quarter of a million foreign drivers using the Dartford Crossing have avoided paying the automated toll charge since the introduction of the barrier free initiative.

At a rate of nearly 2,000 vehicles per day, 227,805 foreign vehicles failed to pay the toll charge during the first four months of its existence.

The number of lorries and cars evading the dart charge account for a quarter of all foreign users, and Highways England has no power to force foreign drivers to pay.

But British drivers who purposefully dodge the charge of £2.50 to use the crossing could face fines of up to £105.

Commuters and users of the QE2 Bridge and the Dartford tunnels must register their vehicle online as the automatic number plate recognition systems assist in the charges.

From the date at which the crossing scrapped the toll booths (November 30) to March 31, 13,993,470 people have used the crossing, with 357,162 users being fined for not paying.

Up to 50 million people take advantage of the Dartford Crossing as they look to reach Essex from Kent and cross the Thames.

If a driver fails to pay the toll charge within a certain period of time, they will face a charge of up to £150.

Failure to pay by midnight the following day will result in a penalty charge of £35.

It is then increased to £70 if you do not pay within 14 days and reaches the figure of £105 if you take longer than a month to pay.


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