Screaming, fighting and hysteria: Another depressing day on Grays High Street

ON TUESDAY afternoon, around 3pm, shopkeeper after shopkeeper in Grays came out of their shop as they could all hear an almighty din on the High Street.

There are a number of versions as to what happened.

The Essex Police version is that they received a call, just after 3pm from a woman at an ATM in Grays, who was concerned that she was about to be robbed. It appeared to be a case of, as they say, false alarm with good intent.

The shopkeepers have a different version, then again, there may have been different incidents.

Owner of the Trop Shop, Ian Divers said: "Like a lot of people, I heard screaming and shouting. It was so bad I came out of my shop.

"There appeared to be a lot of school students around and a number of altercations.

"It was the noise! Yes, in the end, it looked like windmill punches and "handbags" but, yet again, what does it say about Grays High Street?".

Security guards from nearby appeared to try and disperse the students, many appeared to come from Grays Convent.

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