Blackshots councillor praises police over quad bike action

BLACKSHOTS councillor, Joy Redsell has praised both police and residents for combatting anti-social behaviour in her ward.

The veteran councillor was reacting to the news that there had been a number of arrests for a number of offences following complaints of youths on quad bikes.

Cllr Redsell said: "I am glad the police have finally taken action on this as, not only does it ruin the fields, it puts residents at risk.

Blackshots is used by many residents of all ages from across Thurrock and, with the sun now out, is becoming more popular and only a matter of time before someone was seriously hurt.

"I have been calling for action from the police for a few weeks and have advised my residents to call the police when it is happening, which clearly worked.

"I was over the fields today with the police so now know they are taking this very seriously and thanks them for doing so.

"Hopefully these arrests will either bring an end to these irresponsible riders or be the start of a long term programme of action to protect residents and stamp this out before the summer holidays."

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