Bulphan WI: June report "The drinks are on them!"

By Jan Curtis

CHEERS was the toast of the evening at the June meeting of Bulphan WI as Glen Turner came to tell us all about his local micro-brewery Mr Majolica’s brewing Company, based in Grays.

Glen explained that since starting to study the art of brewing he’d realised there was more alchemy involved than he first thought. The quality of the beer all depended on a combination of elements all reaching their peak at the same time.

Things like the weather both at the time of the grain harvest & during the brewing process played a part in the final product. He passed around several types of grain both to smell & eat, followed by the three different types of hops he’d used in his brewing.

He is Owner, Director, Brewer, Delivery man, Chief bottle washer & Cleaner of his brewery along with being a drummer in a popular local band. His beers are in several pubs in the area & at many beer festivals including the recent Thurrock one.

Once he’d gone through the intricacies of the brewing process samples of the beers were passed around for the members to try. Some of the ladies weren’t so sure but others took to beer drinking with gusto!

Our members who were lucky enough to go to the WI Centenary Garden Party at Buckingham Palace along with 8000 other WI ladies the previous week gave a full report on their exciting day.

The July meeting will be a trip to Horndon on the Hill with a walk around the village accompanied by local historian Peter Woodard ending up at the Bell pub, wonder if they stock Glen’s beers? Meet at Bulphan Village Hall 7pm on Wednesday 8th July.

This year’s programme, information, photographs & much more can be found on our web site bulphanwi.weebly.com, on Facebook at Bulphan Women’s Institute & Twitter @bulphanwi or contact Janet McCheyne President 01268 543214.

Jan Curtis Bulphan WI

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