Plenty of good in Quarry Hill Ofsted report

IT would be easy to write a news item on the results of the government inspection into Quarry Hill Primary school in Grays and use the words "Requires Improvement" in the headline.

But with just a few days before the schools break up for summer, we don’t think we should be negative about their report. Infant, there is plenty of positives to extrapolate from that report.

The report states:

The headteacher has brought strong experience, ambition and high expectations to the academy.

The headteacher and other leaders are making the key changes that are needed to improve teaching and raise pupils’ achievement. Pupils are now making faster progress.

Leaders, governors and staff work well as a team to improve the academy.

Pupils show a keen interest in their learning. They behave well in lessons and around the academy.

The academy promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well.

Pupils demonstrate fairness, kindness, responsibility and respect for others. They are well prepared for life in the wider community.

Procedures to ensure that pupils are safe are effective. Pupils feel safe and well looked after by the adults.

Children in the Nursery and Reception years make a good start to their education and make good progress throughout the early years.

The report makes the following criticisms:

Pupils are making faster progress this year but they do not make consistently good progress in all classes.

Some groups of pupils, such as those supported by the pupil premium, made less progress than their classmates.

Pupils are now on target to achieve improved results this year, but their achievement has not been consistently secure since the opening of the academy.

Attainment by the end of Year 6 in 2014 was below average in reading and mathematics, and pupils had not made enough progress in these subjects.

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