Parents of Glen Daly appalled at appeal bid in Greece

A LORRY driver who killed a British holidaymaker in a crash in Crete has been described as "inhumane" for appealing against his conviction.

Glen Daly, 24, of Chadwell, was riding a moped when he was hit by a lorry in June 2009.

Stefanis Konstantino, then 46, was convicted in 2013 of negligent homicide and fleeing the crash. He was sentenced to 23 months in prison.

Mr Daly’s mother, Dorothy, said she dreaded the court hearing in June 2016.

Under Greek law, Mr Konstantino was not required to serve time in prison but was able to complete his sentence by paying a fine to the court.

He had pulled out of a layby, hitting Mr Daly, and drove off.

‘Destroyed our lives’

The court’s sentence angered Mrs Daly, her husband Les and son and daughter, who travelled to Heraklion for the case.

Speaking to the BBC, Mrs Daly said they would return to Crete and hear the same harrowing evidence just four days after the anniversary of Glen’s death.

It is understood his lifelong friend Tony Atkins, who was holidaying with him and was riding a separate moped, will also be required at the hearing.


Glen Daly had played for Thurrock Rugby Club and worked for Tilbury Container Services

"As if it is not enough what we have been through already," said Mrs Daly, of Chadwell St Mary.

"I still find it very hard to come to terms with.

"That inhumane driver has destroyed our lives, and denied my son his life, and he still wants us to go through the court again.

"That driver took my life when he took Glen’s. Nothing has changed for me since the 6 June 2009, when Glen died.

"I’m just existing, getting through every day.

"I can’t get it out of my mind, reliving every day what happened to Glen – why the lorry driver pulled out when he did, and seeing Glen in the mortuary."

Mrs Daly said should Konstantino win his case the family would appeal the decision in the Supreme Court.

"I made a promise to Glen the day he died and when we visited him in the Chapel of Rest, that I will never stop fighting for justice, even down to my last breath," she said.

Mrs Daly has previously said the original criminal case would not have come to court were it not for her family’s dogged persistence in finding witnesses.

In 2012, Konstantino was found responsible for Glen’s death in a civil case brought by the Dalys.

The family’s Crete-based lawyer, George Kopidakis, said a defendant had the right to appeal against a court’s decision without justification.

He said he believed the driver’s conviction would be upheld.

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