Monday, April 15, 2024

Orsett playgroup rated as "Outstanding" by Ofsted

A PLAYGROUP based in Orsett has been rated as Outstanding by Ofsted.

The Orsett Playgroup operate out of the High Road in the village and were inspected last month.

Among the positive observations were the following:

The quality of teaching in the pre-school is outstanding. As a result, children make exceptional progress in their learning.

Children develop extremely secure attachments to their key persons. They develop a strong sense of belonging which enables them to settle quickly and they feel safe.

Staff ensure that children stay safe in the childcare environment and on outings as they carefully assess risks and minimise any hazards found. Staff teach children to keep themselves safe as they provide challenging activities to develop their skills during physical activity.

Staff have a thorough understanding of how to safeguard the children in their care.

They have a sound knowledge of local procedures and how to implement them should they become concerned about a child.

Children behave exceedingly well in the pre-school. Staff remind them of their excellent ground rules to enable children to fully understand the expectations.

Staff build exceptionally strong partnerships with parents. They share information about children’s learning between home and pre-school to promote continuity.

Staff make extremely effective links with local schools to ensure a smooth process for children who are moving to school. Staff accompany children to school on their first day to help them to settle in well.

The management team have highly successful procedures for staff supervision. They effectively monitor staff practice and the activities provided. This ensures that teaching is consistent and robust and children receive the highest standard of care and learning.

There is an exceedingly strong and determined drive for improvement. Staff continually evaluate their practice and the service they provide to ensure exceptional outcomes for children.


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