Thursday, December 7, 2023

Letter to Editor: Conservative MEP happy to answer questions on EU referendum

Dear Sir,

AS we move closer towards the EU referendum I frequently get asked about the EU, our renegotiations on membership, what an MEP does and what I have achieved personally.

The answers to these questions and many others are covered in my Annual Report. It also includes items relevant to local businesses and our participation in international science and research projects including medical research.

A large amount of my time is currently looking at digital policy, including improving the safety and security of online purchases, and making it easier for small businesses and consumers to operate online. All covered in the report.

I have a limited number of hard copies available which I intend to send to secondary schools and colleges across the East of England as well as to libraries and local councils. If readers would like a copy please do let me know or you can view it on my website at

Thank you.

Vicky Ford MEP


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