The Thameside Theatre: The Theatre that is dying of apathy?

ON WEDNESDAY, the future of the Thameside Theatre in Grays will once again be up for discussion at Thurrock Council.

Here, at Your Thurrock towers, we can only observe that sometimes it is like pulling teeth trying to get a press release for an event at the Thameside Theatre.

The exception appears to be the pantomime, and it could be no co-incidence that the panto happens to have an outstanding publicist.

Even in the last month or so, there have been productions that we have had to hunt down publicity for: Thurrock Operatic Society, Thurrock International Film Festival, Thurrock in Bloom and a Great War Exhibition to name just four.

Some may say "Well we sold tickets, why do we have to tell you (YT)?

We can only contrast it with our sister paper, where we are inundated with previews, opportunities to interview, requests to review from acts that are set to play the Harlow Playhouse, Rhodes Theatre, Bishops Stortford, Victoria Hall, Old Harlow, to name just three.

Take one show: Parkway Dreams. So far, on YourHarlow, we have run two news items, tweeted it out etc. It was only this morning, in researching this article, that we actually discovered it was playing the Thameside Theatre.

This is a play, written by a Corringham-raised playwright, Kenny Emson, who has gone onto write for Eastenders etc.

We only hope that Thurrock Council officers are straight with acts that play the theatre and tell them: "Listen, there will be really foot dragging when it comes to publicising your event".

It could lead some to conclude that there is a plan to simply wind down the theatre and so that it closes. A plan to sell it for houses etc.

There may also be a plan for a bespoke theatre in Grays, perhaps down by the wharf. However, you can put it anywhere. If you are not interested in the arts, then the same may well happen.

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