Friday, December 8, 2023

Brandon Grove residents say no to idea of Parish Council

RESIDENTS in Brandon Groves have given a thumbs down to the idea of the housing estate having their own parish council.

In a specially convened meeting on Monday night, residents expressed concerns at the extra taxation that would be levied in order to pay for the council.

Speaking to one resident, they told YT: "Many of us are not necessarily opposed to a parish council but would rather firstly see Thurrock Council give us value for our council tax before we go shelling out more taxes.

"For example: Why is the council not cutting the grass (their excuse was the

machine had broken down two days into the rota, and we got missed off)

"Why are the hedges not getting trimmed? Why should we pay an agency to pay for them not to do it

"In two years I have seen one road sweeper on the estate. No drain cleaners, the bins are not always emptied on time. Sort that out and then we may talk."

Ockendon councillor Barry Johnson said: "It was good to see over 250 residents turn up. Many said that they pay enough already on Brandon Groves in council tax and don’t want to pay anymore.

"Unfortunately the invited guests were not given the chance to explain all that a parish council can offer and everyone seemed to just concentrate on the grass cutting."


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