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UKIP’s East Tilbury councillor details ever increasing workload

THE UKIP councillor for East Tilbury, cllr James Baker was only elected in May.

It is a busy ward YT caught up with the young councillor and asked him to detail some of the case work he has been handling.

His mailbag may have increased due to the absence of veteran councillor, Barry Palmer.

Cllr Baker said:


"Iceni want to build 1,000 properties in Linford on greenbelt land and some resident’s think that will be a good idea if it means we get a road bridge over the railway, thus making the long wait at the level crossing a thing of the past.

"It is important that as many people as possible attend these workshops and the public exhibition planned for later. Our residents must make our views known.

"It was agreed that their statistics were flawed in some cases they quoted percentages and in others numbers. It seems intolerable that they are planning to build on greenbelt instead of the brownfield sites we have locally.

A large percentage of the residents who filled in the questionnaire said the best part of living around here was the semi-rural feel and open spaces.

Iceni have to realise that we do not want to become a town.

There’s no guarantee that the 106 money would be given.

Stephen Metcalfe our MP has been approached by some people but has said he cannot get involved until a planning application has been submitted.



"I was at my local forum meeting recently, I was speaking to Reverend Brenda Gutberlet from the Methodist church in Linford, alongside East Tilbury Rd and she as well as other residents has requested for a Zebra crossing to be put in place near the Church due to the speeds the vehicles were travelling. Residents use the church through the week, majority of which are disabled people, children or elderly. I’m working towards looking after our vulnerable residents and carers alike, as they should be entitled to safety in crossing this main road without fear.



We have made a bid to have a community hub here in East Tilbury. There’s no money to set up a hub but if we had one of the old buildings from the old Bata site we could possible get lottery/heritage funding to have this restored, there’s an available three story building next door to the old Bata Garage (now car wash).

The present library only has a limited lease left on the building and is not council owned, so would not be suitable. If we could get the Bata building restored we could have a hub, library and the Bata Heritage Centre all under one roof, there would have to be a feasibility study, before this could go any further.


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