Sunday, June 23, 2024

UKIP battle with housing continues as they claim Thurrock Council is putting "residents lives at risk"..

LIVES are being put at risk this winter by the state of disrepair of council homes across Thurrock claims UKIP MEP, Tim Aker.

Cllr Aker said: "We have come across several examples of elderly, disabled and vulnerable people living in unacceptable conditions. UKIP Thurrock fears that residents will die this winter through not being able to adequately heat their homes as a result of disrepair.

"Many residents are living with blown double glazing and single glazing that should have been replaced several years ago. Broken door and window frames with gaps between the frames and the concrete is not being fixed. Faulty doors that do not shut are also not being replaced.

UKIP has entered many complaints about this issue. Rather than vulnerable residents being prioritised, as they should, the council simply reply with a standard response letter. The letter states that people are listed as part of a batch within the transforming homes programme. No firm dates for the repairs, other than sometime in 2016/17, are given.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP added: "Any deaths this winter relating to disrepair would be scandalous and completely avoidable.

"The fault will lie squarely with the housing department and the portfolio holder, Lyn Worrall. The shambolic management of repairs in Thurrock is well documented and ongoing. Isn’t it about time someone took responsibility for years of mismanagement?"

"Are you, your family or friends affected by disrepair which prevents a property being adequately heated? If so please contact my office and ask to speak to either myself or my caseworker. The more examples we can gather will help us to continue to pressure the council into action".


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