Saturday, June 22, 2024

The streets of Grays and litter: Now we know how King Canute felt

IS IT a dirty old town? Has it always been a dirty old town? Will it away be a dirty old town?

There are a number of people trying to make a difference. Rev Colin Baker of Grays Baptist church has held a number of clean up days near to Orsett Road and Hathaway Road. Grays Thurrock Cathy Kent has help organise events.

Further afield there have been attempts to clean up Grays near the Wharf and things seem to have improved on Grays High Street.

However, one-time resident Alex Kennett was passing between Hathaway Road and Milton Road and could not believe the state of the streets.

He took a couple of photos and sent them to us.

On Wednesday at a full meeting of Thurrock Council, the portfolio holder, cllr Gerard Rice is going to try and convince his colleagues that Thurrock is significantly cleaner than the rest of the country.

His report says: "In 2014/15 the standard of street cleanliness in Borough showed a further year on year improvement with levels of cleanliness significantly better than the national average performance standard".

The opposition may take some convincing…


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