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Warning after injured Crow rescued from tree

THE RSPCA has urged members of the public to do a “good deed” and bin any fishing litter they discover when out.

The appeal comes after a poor crow got himself tangled in fishing line and ended up hanging upside down 30ft high in a tree.

Animal collection officer Lucy Fackerell was assisted by firefighters in the rescue of the bird which managed to get the line wrapped around it’s foot and was then snagged by the branch.

She was called to Argent Street in Grays, Essex, on Tuesday afternoon (November 10) by a concerned member of the public.

“The crow could be seen hanging from the tree branch,” she said. “A member of the public called us because they didn’t want to see the bird suffering.”

Lucy was winched up using a cherry picker to cut the bird free from the line. The crow was then taken to South Essex Wildlife Hospital where he was checked over by a vet. Luckily, he escaped without any injuries and was later released.

“I’m so surprised that he wasn’t injured,” Lucy added. “It’s miraculous. He could have suffered a slow and painful death if he hadn’t been spotted.”

Birds such as gulls, ducks, swans and geese often fall victim to fishing litter and can get caught up in line or nets, or get hooks lodged in their beaks or feet. Other wildlife can also get caught up in fishing litter and it’s a huge problem facing RSPCA inspectors each year.

So far this year (January 1 – November 12), the charity has had 3,472 calls regarding fishing litter, with 95 of these in Essex alone. In 2014, our inspectors were called to 3,757 incidents involving fishing litter, 105 of which were in Essex.


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