Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Can you help? No Christmas lights in Aveley unless money raised

The Christmas-loving Aveley village community forum is asking for help in raising funds to put on their festive lights this year.

The community group usually pay for the lights mostly from their own coffers – but this year after a decision was made to finance the tree and market, they could fall by the wayside.

Ray Munro-Crump, the community forum’s project manager, said: "In previous years we have paid for the street lights, Christmas tree and the Christmas market.

"The lights alone cost us over £1,000 each year. We have made the decision to keep and fund the tree and market but our funds won’t stretch to include the lights.

"Many of our local shops have supported us in the past but even with their donations we are still footing a large part of the bill.

"We will still endeavour to find funds for next year but, unless someone comes forward to help, there will not be any lights in the High Street this year."

The annual lighting the tree event will still be held on Wednesday, December 2 at 4pm, while the Christmas market will be held on Sunday from 11am to 3pm.

If you could contribute to the lights, call the centre on 01708 862001.


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