Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Aveley teen bids for Disneyland final due to American sponsor

16 year old Aveley girl Courtney-Lee Collins travels to Surrey later this month for International pageant Face of the Globe. Courtney-Lee will compete in the teen section in a bid to win the chance to represent England in Disneyland Paris in April next year.

Courtney-Lee is always fundraising/donating in some way or another and last night through the help of a very dear friend, Courtney-Lee secured full sponsorship for her entry to the competition. Her sponsor is a gentleman living in New York, who wishes to remain anonymous. He said he was so amazed by all that Courtney-Lee does for charity and within the community that it is a pleasure to help. This big hearted man feels that this journey is about her and not him. We are lost for words and still can’t quite believe someone we don’t even know would do that for her. Win or lose on pageant night, we know that Courtney-Lee will do her very best.

A sponsorship group had previously been set up on facebook by three amazing ladies, in an attempt to try to raise Courtney-Lee’s entry fee. It truly brought a lump to my throat in them doing so. For them to have believed in Courtney-Lee that much to have taken this step to help her, i want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

So far this sponsorship group has raised a fantastic £115.50. Courtney-Lee came to me last night and asked if the money raised could be donated and shared between a gentleman whose wife is fundraising for her husband’s trip to the USA for treatment for a brain tumour and another man we know of who has experienced complications after having a kidney removed. Courtney-Lee’s father and I thought that was a lovely idea.


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