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Blogpost: Case for mental health funding

Blogpost: Mental health funding

By Lynn Carr

I’m sure you will be aware of the media attention being given to Mental Health Nationwide. Also that individuals, celebrities and mental health organisations campaigning for more help. Ruby Wax recently was interviewed by ITV on this subject. Ruby is campaigning for Mental Health to be treated the same as Physical health regarding funding etc.

Being no stranger to Mental Health I have become more and more concerned at the lack of local help in Thurrock. The first touch of base for individuals of mental health. Firstly a diagnosis and then treatment. Before this very lengthy process happens, and sometimes it does not. There needs to be support, help and a listening, caring ear.

MIND is an organisation in my opinion that can deliver this much needed first hand support. With our ever decreasing budgets I am told funds are short. Ok I get it, what I don’t get is the cutting of some services i.e. MIND will lead to a greater burden on others. This service offered by MIND where volunteers are involved must be maintained. I am sure along with myself there are many people who would offer voluntary hours to talk to those in need of a compassionate supportive ear.

More and more younger people are having symptom’s of mental health, the numbers are growing year on year of teenagers self harming. I know you must be thinking why. That’s not for volunteers or others like myself to say. That’s down to the Professionals to decide. What I do know is this growing illness can not be ignored. People need help when they need it, not an appointment weeks down the line. If volunteer’s were available within hours to see someone as a situation develops then that may just help to carry them safely to a professionals help. This support would help the individual to explain their need for a Professional, as many suffer in silence.

Mental Health is in crisis all across the country, no one can afford to ignore what is happening. I thank those campaigning to bring this subject to the very people who know it can not be ignored, the very people who make decisions, the very people who need to make change NOW.

Lynn Carr

A Silent Witness To Mental Health


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