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Could this solve the problem of pavement parking in Thurrock?

A BILL to strengthen and clarify the law on pavement parking has been withdrawn today (4 December) following a commitment from Government to undertake a policy review and convene a round table next year to further examine the implications of any legislative change.

The Pavement Parking Private Members’ Bill called for the law on pavement parking to be strengthened – only allowing people to park on pavements that have been specially designated to allow it, making it the exception rather than the rule.

Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking has worked with the charity Guide Dogs to support Simon Hoare MP in asking other MPs to back the Pavement Parking Private Members’ Bill which was due to be read on 4 December.

Simon Hoare MP today withdrew the bill in response to an announcement from the Government that they will undertake a policy review with stakeholders to examine the legal and financial implications of an alternative regime and the likely impact on local authorities.

Robert Goodwill MP stated that improving access for all pedestrians remains a priority for the Government. The findings of the work being undertaken will be reported at a round table which Living Streets and Guide Dogs look forward to attending.

Simon Hoare MP, said:

“Following detailed discussions, I have withdrawn the bill today following The Minister’s commitment to convene a round table and undertake a policy review.

“This response demonstrates the Government’s commitment to improving access for all pedestrians including disabled and vulnerable people. A government examination of the current issues gives us the best opportunity of securing Government backing for legislative change. I would like to thank my Parliamentary colleagues and the public who have supported this Bill in raising the profile of a need for a review of the current law.”

Joe Irvin, Chief Executive, Living Streets said:

“This is an important and positive step towards limiting the danger pavement parking poses to pedestrians in England and Wales.

“Our streets should be easy and accessible to walk on and vehicles parked on pavements cause an obstruction to all. At best, pavement parking is a nuisance and at worst, it can put people’s safety at risk by forcing them into the road.

“We know that pavement parking is an issue that many people care passionately about with nearly 2,500 people writing to their MP asking them to back the bill.

“Now it’s crucial that the Government acts promptly to see through its commitment to examine the issue properly. Along with Guide Dogs, we look forward to working with the Government on their review of pavement parking legislation and positively informing decisions next year.“

James White, Senior Campaign Manager, Guide Dogs said:

“We are pleased that the Government has recognised the scale of the problem that pavement parking causes. It is the most common street obstruction that people who are living with sight loss encounter and frequently forces people out onto the road and into oncoming traffic. For someone with sight loss this is an extremely dangerous and frightening.

“We look forward to working with the Government in the New Year on their review and ensuring that any work they do addresses the impact that pavement parking has on people with sight loss.”


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